An Infinite World.

A few years ago, we bought our kids Disney Infinity to play on our Wii. The reason we chose it, characters they recognize and easy for them to play and follow simple story lines in short bites. My six-year-old preferred to play in the Toy Box. The Toy Box in Infinity is a free play area where the toys you have collected from the storyline quests can be explored. There is no direction and the occasional bad guy to bop on the head.

Infinity 1

This suited us perfectly as they were, and still are, learning how to use the controls. When we upgraded to an Xbox 360, we also got a secondhand copy of Infinity once again, allowing them to understand more complex controls.

infinity 2

About a month ago, we opened up Infinity 2.0 which is based around Marvel characters and adds a few other Disney Original characters. There is much more story game play in this version and it’s somewhat more complex with controls. We haven’t played an awful lot of it yet, but from what I have seen, it’s perfectly suited to my six-year-old’s ability and still not overly difficult for my three-year-old. I’m looking forward to having some time to play through it as well.

Infinity 3

While doing some research after it was opened, Moo found Infinity 3.0 is due to release later this year. The characters this time: Star Wars. I have a feeling this will also appeal to my oldest, especially as the new movie is hyped more. He already has an interest in Star Wars so that will only grow.

From my research, there appears to be 3 playsets planned, one based for the original movie series, one for the prequel and another in line with the new film being released next year. I am already drowning in figures so I’m not sure we will buy another just yet. Only time will tell and we will see where the kids interests lie when it is released.

Have you or would you play Infinity?

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  1. We thought about getting Skylanders, but decided against a game that requires both a game console (we only have the original Wii) and the purchase of an ever-expanding set of character addons.

    Our 7yo Eric is much more of a game player than our 5yo Kyle. He has played various Wii games including Boom Bloks, Create (really weird controls), Mario Kart, Wii Sports and Diego Dinosaur Rescue, but is currently focused on PC games. The only Wii game Kyle is interested in is Wii Sports, particularly the ones with combat (he’s a more physical kid than his brother).

    In terms of PC games, both kids have WoW characters that I boosted to 90 so they could roam most of the world without danger. Due to time (and only one WoW account), they don’t get to play that often. My husband picked up two surplus PCs from his work so each kid has a computer. Eric loves minecraft and we’ve installed a modpack called Feed The Beast for him to experiment with, but Kyle’s PC can’t play minecraft yet. Both kids LOVE a site called that boasts 250 flash games. I like it because it’s mostly ad-free and entirely transaction-free.

    The kids’ computers on behind a whitelist firewall and as they grow older, we will slowly open the list, allowing them more freedom to practice self control and judgement. Their computers sit in the same room as ours, and will for a long time. We currently don’t limit their time, but chores, homework, and other necessary tasks come first.

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