An introduction from our family to yours.

Hello, and welcome to the Family Gamers blog. We are people who come from different walks of life, different cultures and even different countries. We are here to share information, opinions, and if needed and asked, advice on the balance between gaming and family. We are talking about all kinds of families, from  parents with children, to those whose family is the group of friends whom they game with.

I am Jason, also known as @legracen from the Chaos Portal podcast. I work a Monday-Friday job, play various games and live with my fiance and our toddler son. Life is always a fun challenge and I look forward to collaborating with my fellow writers and the gaming community.

Hi everyone! I’m Kristen, also known as @disneygirl85 on Twitter. I’m a stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy named Lucas, as well as Jason’s fiance. Currently, I’m playing World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy X on my Playstation 3. I look forward to this exciting new project!

Hi all, My name is Patty, otherwise known as @airlinahunter on Twitter.  I’m a single working mom to a 24 year old autistic daughter.  At 50, I am probably the ‘old lady’ of the group.  I have been playing video games since the days of Pong and the original Atari.  (Yes, I admit to having played the infamous ET game.)  I am currently playing World of Warcraft as well as two of the Kingdom Hearts titles (Birth by Sleep and KH II).  I’m hoping that my experiences will be helpful in this new project.

Welcome! I am Natanie, wife to Moogyver, mum to two boys, (Sprocket 6.5 and Gizmo 3.5) and part time employee. Games have always been part of my life in various forms from when we received a home PC for Christmas one year. Right now I play World of Warcraft, Diablo and potter with iOS games. I also play Skylanders and some other games with my boys on Xbox 360. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow writers in making this a great resource for families!